Getting Started

ColdStart is a product of the Operations team needing a software solution that specialised in recieving, relaying and escalating alerts in a cost effective, rapid and battery safe manner.


snmp-server enable traps
snmp-server host version 2c Auth_Key


	source-address lo0;
trap-group "Auth_Key"
	version v2;
	categories link startup;


configure snmp add trapreceiver community \


snmp-server host version v2c Auth_Key

Brocade Server Iron

snmp-server host Auth_Key

Code named Coraniaid

The Coraniaid are a race of beings from Welsh mythology who cannot be injured because their hearing is so sharp that they can hear any sound that the wind carries, and can thus avoid danger.

NetAdmins have many a time been described as mythical beings so the ability to receive alerts from your network before it all goes wrong will probably help perpetuate the mysticism!


  • Net-SNMP - Core backend parsing and processing of Traps
  • PHP - Simple and most people know it
  • Redis - A fast and reliable key value store
  • MySQL - Everyone loves MySQL
  • Android - It's open source and extensible
  • GCM - The magic behind instantaneous message relay